Services | Property Management

Our services in real estates management:
1. Representativeness and responsibility
» Representing the owner to present and potential tenants
» Representing the owner to state and municipal authorities, as well as the general meeting of the owners in the building
» Representing the owner to public utilities suppliers
» Representing the owner to contractors of building repairs
» Safe-keeping and handing over keys for the property and responsibility for its security

2. Current maintenance
» Current control over the property protection, the furniture and the equipment
» Cleaning and control of the cleanness of the property being rented
» Landscaping and pool maintenance
» Maintenance of all installations (electrical, plumbing, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, security, Internet, cable TV, fire protection)
» Performing and / or control of the property repairs of the property

3. Fincancial Management
» Management of the financial flows - payment of taxes and fees for the property payments or control of the payments with suppliers of public utilities, receiving and delivering of amounts from rents, budget for repairs management
» Consultations and expert assessments relating to the property
» Preparation of an annual budget, periodic financial statements, book-keeping

4. Legal assistance
» Consultations and negotiations upon renting the property
» Consultations and assistance in ownership changing

5. Maintenance of the flow of documents
Movement and safe-keeping of documents
Preparation and safe-keeping of receiving-delivery protocols, lists of equipment and furniture Compilation of inventory lists