Services | Project Management

Our services in project management:
1. Project management in a pre-project phase
» Analysis of the technical and the economic opportunities
» Selecting a site
» Preliminary studies on an existing infrastructure, external relations and communication
» Assessment of the costs / budget planning
» Project planning
» Study, planning and coordination with state authorities, design permit
» Management of the process of approvals by state authorities

2. Project management in a project phase
» Organization and communication
» Project standards
» Costs planning and control
» Design management and control
» Assistance in coordination of a project
» Relations with state authorities and verification of the compliances with the norms
» Tender organization for a main contractor and subcontractor
» Contracts and agreements

3. Project management in a construction phase
» Contracts administration
» Control of the schedules, periodic reports
» Control of the costs, periodic reports
» Update and optimisation of the schedules and the costs
» Quality management and control
» Control of payments
» Supply management
» Permits and licenses
» Control and coordination between all participants in the construction - investment process

4. Services offered in a post-construction phase
» Assistance in putting the object into operation
» Planning the operating costs and the maintenance
» Assistance in warranty servicing
» A certificate of commissioning
» Finalization of payments