Projects | Project Management

An investment project is the implementation of all activities associated with the occurrence of an investment idea until its realization within a planned budget, duration and quality.

The management of the investment projects in construction comprises main guidelines according to which each project is realized.

1. Bases of the project
» Name and purpose of the project
» Project location
» Main sources of information
» Laws and regulations
» Project readiness

2. Management of the project scope
» Phases and stages of the project
» Alternatives for realization

3. Management of the project duration
» Structure and determination of the project activities
» Linear calendar plan
» Network schedule
» Resource schedule
» Control methods

4. Management of the project budget.
» Forming of the project budget.
» Forming of the prices and the cost norms
» Calculation of the budget.
» Planning of the cash flows
» Control methods

5. Project efficiency
» Economic impact
» Direct project benefits